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Our story

Outdoor Experience is a team which can take you to do rafting, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cycling, canyoning, briefly everything which can be done with passion in nature.

What we do?

Pregatiri de rafting

About us in a few words:

  • We are practicing rafting and whitewater kayaking for more than 15 years

  • For safety sake- which is very important for us- our guides have great river guiding experience, they are rafting guides licenced by the International Rafting Federation, they have whitewater rescue technician license and nevertheless we are using last generation equipments designed to increase safety

  • We have a good knowledge about the rivers from Romania, we have the most diverse rafting offer in the country

  • We are a group of enthusiast young people and we paddle because we love to paddle

  • we organize every year the most significant international amateur paddling competition Mureş Marathon in Romania, which was born in order to promote whitewater sports and to bring together the paddlers of East Europe

  • every year we are organizing trips to get to new rivers from our country and all over Europe

  • up to this point we paddled on:

- rivers: Aries, Bâsca Mare, Buzău, Bistra (Calimani), Belareca, Cerna, Crisul Repede, Crisul Pietros, Dunăre, Gilort,  Gurghiu, Feneş, Ilva (Mtii. Calimani), Jiu, Miniş, Mures, Lăpuş, Nera, Olt, Raul Barbat (Retezat), Raul Mare (Retezat), Raul Negru, Putna, Rastolita (Mtii. Calimani), Rebra (Mtii.Rodnei ), Repedea (Maramureș), Sava Bohinjka (SI), Snake river (USA), Soca (SI), Strei, Struma (BG), Tara (MNE), Tarnava Mare, Tarnava Mica, Tisa, Toplita (Mtii. Calimani), Uz, Vaser (Maramureș) 

- lakes and seas: Zetea lake , Saint Ana lake Bezid lake, Siriu lake, Bălan lake, Black sea, Adriatic sea

We are members of AER

Our base from Târgu Mureș

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